“To be human is to become visible

while carrying what is hidden as a gift to others.”

(David Whyte)


Caroline S’Jegers

Embodied Trainer | Movement & Music Whisperer | Poetry Doula

Caroline S’Jegers, founder of ‘ícaro – roots to create‘ and co-founder of Heart of The Dance and previously Ecstatic Dance Belgium,  is a passionate movement and sound whisperer. She roots herself in ritual, uses music as poetry and listens to the spaces between the words. As a DJ, she loves to describe herself as a musical doula or midwife:

“On the dance floor – as in life – the mystery unfolds…”

Caroline’s soundscapes can be described in three words: touching, deep and soulful.

As a psychologist (BA) and a cultural anthropologist (MSc), Caroline has absorbed herself for years in the deeper-lying healing aspects of dance across cultures. During many years, Caroline worked as a freelance (travel) writer and photographer for several mind-style Magazines. By interweaving Theatre of Freedom and constellation work into her art, Caroline is able to bring social awareness about global issues.

Caroline was initiated into motherhood twice – giving free births, accompanied by her husband, to two sons in their yurt. As a family, they bring the dance back to the land while envisioning a future where community life flourishes again and respect for Mother Earth deepens…

“Dance and music are my most reliable sources for healing and support… Every time I listen to music that truly moves me, I sense transformation taking place within and around me. At the beginning of every dance, I pray to receive what is needed so I can get out of my own way. I ask to be present from a place of embodiment. And what happens then, is simply a mystery to me. It’s as if a spaceless space opens up, in a very subtle and clear way. It’s as if the music chooses me, asking to be played. And this in communication with myself and with all that surrounds me, while communicating with the dancers, the space and all what is moving and being moved. No forcing. No pre-set ‘ideas’ of how a dance should ‘look’ like. Simply being present with the energy of that moment. I start to call it ‘organic’ dance, because it flows so naturally. It becomes a powerful meeting of expansion and deep rootedness. As if, only for a moment, it can move (us) beyond the duality of our perception.”

* The meaning of “ícaro”: magic or alchemy.

** Rooted in soulful creation. Dancing into connection.


(Photos by Linda Croonen)