“To be human is to become visible

while carrying what is hidden as a gift to others.”

(David Whyte)

Caroline S’Jegers

Embodied trainer, organizer, mover and DJ

Caroline S’Jegers, the founder of ‘ícaro – roots to create‘, is an embodied entrepreneur. As the co-founder of Ecstatic Dance Belgium and Dancing in Her Flames, she is passionate about sharing her passion: from teaching workshops to DJ’ing and leading ceremonies at dance communities all over the world.

The sounds of DJ CaroLine can be summarized in three words: uplifting, deep and soulful. As a dancer and DJ, Caroline uses music as poetry, while speaking the language of the body and listening to the heart’s longing:

“Music moves and shapes me. It makes me fall in love with dance – again and again – and inspires me to create from a place of utter presence. As an Ecstatic DJ, I play with sounds and silence, with melody and rhythms, and with depth and expansion. As a dance facilitator, I explore new realms while taking movers on a playful adventure into the landscapes of body and soul. As an (Ecstatic) Dance fanatic, I continue traveling – as a way to expand my vision and (he)art, and to share my deep-felt passions. On the dance floor – as in life – magic happens.”

As a psychologist (BA) and a cultural anthropologist (MSc), Caroline has absorbed herself for years in the deeper-lying healing aspects of dance across cultures. During many years, Caroline worked as a freelance (travel) writer and photographer for several mind-style Magazines. Up until this date, she writes her own blog articles about her travels and life experiences. Caroline speaks the language of the body and journeys around the world in order to continuously expand her vision and creativity. Trusting her gut feeling, she prefers to go to the direct Source of what enlivens her Soul. Caroline organises women’s events – desiring for the masculine and the feminine to be nourished and cherished so balance can be created. By interweaving Theatre of Freedom into her work, Caroline is able to bring social awareness about global issues. Together with her partner, Caroline brings back the dance to the land and envisions a better future where community life flourishes again and respect for Mother Earth deepens…

* The meaning of “ícaro”: magic or alchemy.

** Rooted in soulful creation. Dancing into connection.