“I am ready to share what I now Know.

Emptiness is finally being re-membered,

and my life is complete again.”

(Caroline S’Jegers)


Soul Food (in Nederlands)

❧ Caroline S’Jegers is al heel haar leven diep gepassioneerd door literatuur, muziek, natuur, cultuur, fotografie, dans en beweging.

❧ Ze studeerde ‘Gegradueerde in de Psychologie’ te Lessius Hogeschool Antwerpen en ‘Culturele Antropologie en Ontwikkelingssociologie’ aan de Universiteit Leiden (Nederland).

❧ Daarnaast beoefent (en beoefende) ze een hele resem van dans- en bewustwordingsvormen – waaronder hedendaagse dans, buikdans, Kalbeliya’s slangendans, Afrikaanse dans, Vijf Ritmes, Soul Motion, Body Mind Centering, Theatre of the Oppressed en Gestalt Awareness Practice. Dans brengt haar in dieper contact met de aarde, met haar oerkracht, met haar ziel, met haar innerlijk weten, met haar hartsverlangen, met de wereld om haar heen, en met (de oorsprong van) “al wat is”.



Soul Food (in English)

❧ Caroline S’Jegers is a passionate and most sensual be-ing, intimately inspired by words, poetry, music, nature, images, imagination, creation, dance and movement.

❧ She studied ‘Psychology’ (Antwerp) and ‘Cultural Anthropology’ (University Leiden), and absorbed herself into the study of dance as a self-healing and artistic form of Life, Living and Loving.

❧ Caroline loves to travel around the world in order to keep expanding her vision and art. Trusting her gut feeling, she prefers to go to the direct Source of what enlivens her Soul.  

Just to mention a few ingredients of her ‘Soul Food’:

– In India, Caroline learned the snake dance with Kalbeliya gypsies in Pushkar, worked with street children in Kolkata Sanved Organisation (Calcutta) and wrote her Master thesis on the healing aspects of Indian dance in Bangalore.

– She dived into the sensual, healing arts of Belly and Sufi Dance with Dr. Fawzia Al-Rawi in Vienna – and thus, loves working with women by (re)awakening and connecting to her own sensuality.

– She connects to and continues learning about the strength and life force of her Kundalini energy through relationship and sexuality. Her most favorite books for women: “The Maria Magdalene Manuscript” (Kenyon & Sion), “A return to Love” (Marianne Williamson), “Daring Greatly” (B. Brown) and “Women Who Dances with Wolves” (Clarissa Pinkola-Estes).

– Throughout Europe and California, she dances the 5 Rhythms (Andrea Juhan, Kathy Altman, Thea Spanjers, Geert Meeus, Frie Lavelli, Mati Engwardi, et al.) and Soul Motion (Vinn Marti, Zuza Engler and Michael Molin-Skelton).

– She deepens herself into Gestalt Awareness Practice with Chris Price, and keeps connecting herself to (every cell and bone of) her body through the somatic practices of Contact Impro, Body Mind Centering (Louise Chardon) and Continuum Movement (Emily Conrad).

– Traveling to war zones such as Russia and Palestine, she deepened herself into the therapeutic work of art and theatre, co-creating with organizations such as ImaginAction and U Move 4 Peace. She continues facing and meeting her own deep wounds, worries and fears – by feeling them, diving into them and using them as inspiration for her art.

– For Caroline, dance is connected to returning to the land by respecting Mother Earth in community. Dancing humbles people as they pray and bow down to nature. She co-organizes yearly events together with her partner – bringing dance back to the land.

– Caroline guides ceremonies and works as a DJ at Ecstatic Dance throughout the world, and co-creates workshops and dance events with artists and teachers such as Donna Carrol (Ecstatic Dance Oakland), Shanto Ijzendoorn (director of Nataraj and Club Lite), Alessia Cartoni (Theatre of Witness), Tom Goldhand (Contact Impro), Kareem Raihani (Ecstatic Dance DJ and producer of Shining Musica and Red Fulka), Lien Van Laere (writer and storyteller), Kristien Vercammen (voice coach at Klankkamer) and Roald Penning (AcroYoga and Tantra).

– She keeps learning how to re-use, re-shape and re-write her full-on, heart-opening, human-friendly, multi-layered energy through her daily practices of Astral Karate, dance, presence, meditation and Yoga.


DJ CaroLine

The sounds of DJ CaroLine can be summarized in three words: uplifting, deep and soulful.

She uses a variety of musical ingredients – from shamanic rhythms to swinging melodies, from deep-tribal grooves to heart-opening mantras and from raw dubstep beats to soft poetic vocals – and mixes them into a new blend of unique sounds and vibrations.

Her music takes you on a journey, from the inside out and the outside in. Your heart will expand. Your skin will soften. And every cell in your body will celebrate.



Caroline S’Jegers  

Dancer – Coach – Writer – DJ