HIGHLIGHTS 2019 (more to be announced soon!):

23/02: Dancing in Her Flames (day)

29-31/03: Dancing in Her Flames Retreat (The Ardennes, Belgium)

1-5/05: Ecstatic Dance Retreat Almeria

31/05-1/06: Suntribe Festival * Natural Trance (Belgium)

7-12/07: Ecstatic Dance Festival Corfu


I will be giving birth to a wonderful human baby in the beginning of November. I am open for private/online coachings/sessions/DJ classes up until that date and from December on. I will start DJ’ing again in Februari 2019. Feel free to email me if you wish to book me!

More info on Dancing in Her Flames here.
More info on Ecstatic Dance Belgium here.
More info on Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam here.