Beauty and the Body

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Do you ever look in the mirror, not loving what you see?

Do you ever look around you, comparing yourself and criticising your own body?

During her life time, every single woman will hear voices inside and outside of her telling her she is not good enough because she doesn’t match an ilussionary standard of beauty. Or telling her she is too beautiful or sexy or too connected to her ‘soft animal body’ (and thus an outcast as well)..

A few years ago, I started writing a book on conversations with my body (it is my aim to finish the book this year!), and this is what I wrote as a part of the introduction (I talk about my body as a living entity and thus naming her a ‘she’):

“I didn’t grow up wanting to have a body. I didn’t even make any connection to her, time and time again closing her off, and letting her follow what I wanted her to do. But she found her way of making me listen. At a certain day, she stopped functioning – forcing me to delve inside, to stop running away from what was calling me, to take rest, and to integrate. My entire being was being forced to inhabit her, to feel at home in the body that I was given. And up until now, I still have flashes of what ‘needs’ to be different, or of what (I think) needs to ‘change’. Oh, how I have blamed myself. How I have felt shame and doubt concerning my looks and concerning ‘her’ natural way of being. But she kept and keeps doing her work, and she kept and keeps expressing herself in a multitude of ways. Step by step, I am working my way through all the old stories that were attached to my body. Breath by breath, I am feeling the pain of my own traumas and collective pain. Of suppression and oppression. Of disempowerment and abuse. Of joy and bliss. Of love and abundance. Of connection and truth.”

Even though I have been dancing for so many years, and even though I can feel divinely grateful for my body and treat her as my temple, I still have moments that I judge my body thinking she should be different. I still have moments that I don’t like the constant changes of my bodily forms. Or I have moments when women come up to me telling me they feel threatened by or attracted to my appearance, as I can dance so wild or am looking so comfortable in my skin.

A few years ago, I started giving one-on-one coachings, supporting others on their path towards deep embodiment and acceptance of Self. And I noticed: by sharing my wisdom and adoration for the body and her constant changing landscapes with others, I started feeling more LOVE for myself and my body!

So this is my recommendation for you today: give a compliment to a beautiful woman – whether a stranger, a (grand)mother, a daughter or a neighbour. Give it wholewheartedly, without expecting anything in return. You might be surprised by how much and what you will receive!

May you love yourself for who you are and may you perceive your body through the eyes of love and beauty. And may you can look from within – and make connection to the beauty that you already are, always have been and always will be!


PS: This link takes you to a wonderful project that inspired me to write this blog.