Body Coaching

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You are your own best inner healer!

In these Body Coaching sessions, you can explore your own inner feelings and knowledge through the wisdom of your body in a safe and inspiring setting. You will get into a tête-à-tête with your own organs, muscles, cells and bones, and ask your own inner functional system to support you, provide you with answers, or – if needed – to heal.

Are you feeling that life is pushing you further, yet you are afraid? Is your body giving you signals, yet it confuses you and you are not sure of how to read them? Are you lifting yourself out of bed every day, yet you want to find true joy again? Or do you simply wish to strengthen your body and soul?

Then these sessions are something for you! It is my task during the coaching sessions to journey next to you, to guide you as you are meeting with your own inner doctor, healer and wisdom.


❧ Presence in body and soul

❧ Exploration: by getting to know your own self better, you gain trust and support from your own, inner mentor

❧ More self-empowerment


Body Coaching includes:

❧ One hour of meeting needs

❧ Listening to body and soul

❧ Meditation techniques

❧ Dance and music ritual

❧ Constellation work

❧ Breath and awareness practices

❧ Can be combined with Healing Touch sessions