Dancing in Her Flames Amsterdam * Persephone

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28th JANUARY 2018 (15-18h)
CLUB LITE, Amsterdam

A dance pilgrimage through the archetype

of the ‘Mother-Daughter’ connection with PERSEPHONE

with music by DJ CaroLine
& storytelling and dreamwork by Faranak Mirjalili



Long long ago, women used to gather.

Gather with their bodies and soul to Honour, to Revere, to Praise and Love The Goddess…

These women were in deep communion with the sacred substance within themselves and their own hearts, and so they could appreciate and honour the sacred within other women, their sisters, their mothers and daughters and the Sacred Substance of the World Soul Herself. They understood the innate wisdom that they are all part of The Goddess and the Oneness of Life.

As the patriarchy dawned thousands of years ago, women who practiced this ancient wisdom were persecuted and the Ways of the Feminine became silenced and women started to forget their own Feminine nature. As Women forgot, and so the World forgot, and ever since we have been left bereft of this precious wisdom, which has allowed mankind to tear apart our Earth with no regard of the Sacredness of Creation.

The nature of the Feminine is more hidden, it is mysterious and fluid, it is like the Night… Unknown, uncontrollable and ungraspable. For this reason, feminine mysteries were never written down the way the masculine ways of spiritual life has been, and so we have very little documentation on these feminine mysteries. What we do know for certain, is that women danced! They danced and they told stories, much wisdom went around in an Oral Tradition. Woman to Woman, Body to Body, Wisdom was mysteriously shared. These myths and stories were important, they were an integral part of a girl maturing into Womanhood. As we have lost the way of these ancient myths and stories, we have lost the way to really ‘listen’ to them, in a different way, with our bodies, with our Hearts and Souls, we have also lost our deeper connection to this ancient wisdom.



We are offering a 7 Part Journey which is about reclaiming the ancient Way of the Feminine. To learn to Dance in Her Flames, the Flames of the Goddess. To learn to ‘listen’ again in a feminine, receptive and deeply intuitive way, to then take this substance we have taken in, and dance it, so perhaps in the right moment when She decides, SHE can dance US and we can experience and come to know we were all made in the image of the Great Goddess.

On 28th January 2018, Faranak and CaroLine take you on an Archetypal Pilgrimage of storytelling and dance through the myth of Persephone. The story of her abduction by Hades to the Underworld and her Return to her mother Demeter will serve as a map, showing women how to bring the wisdom of the mother-daughter relationship into consciousness. By truly understanding the wound of this connection, it becomes easier to establish a real inner relationship to the World Soul, our true Feminine essence.

The entire journey will be about 3 hours. We will start with a Dreamwork circle before the pilgrimage starts and Faranak will shine a Jungian light on the dreams we share, so we may once again understand the Symbols and deeper meaning that come through our dreams as this is one of the ways The Goddess speaks to us directly.



It is said that when women gather in the name of the Sacred, in service of the Oneness of Creation, they form together a powerful field that can help unite and heal the fragmented world we live in today.

There is only one requirement: to leave yourself at the door and to Enter Her infinite Heart.

Come and journey with us if you feel Her Call…

Faranak & CaroLine



28th January 2018 (15-18h)
CLUB LITE, Jan Van Galenstraat 24, Amsterdam

Entry: 25 euro (come with a friend for 5 euro discount each)

14h30: Doors open
15h: Dream Circle
15h30: Storytelling & dance embodiment
18h: Closing Circle

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Entry: 25 euro (come with a friend for 5 euro discount each)


With every event of our Archetypal Quest, we will be making a financial donation to the Kolkata Sanved Organisation, an organization which uses dance to rehabilitate survivors of abuse and sexual trauma in India.

Read more: www.kolkatasanved.org