Dancing in Her Flames Retreat: Working with the Deep Feminine

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Dancing in Her Flames retreat: Working with the Deep Feminine
The Ardennes, Belgium
August 24th (17h) – 27th (11h)


A weekend immersion into the Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine through Dance, Embodiment, Mythology and Dreamwork. Join us in this weekend as we travel into the ‘deep feminine’ together. This is a gathering for women who are feeling called to start a deeper relationship to the Feminine, what Anne Baring calls the ‘deep feminine’ within ourselves and the Earth. The deep feminine is found in the deeper layers of the psyche that we can access through our dreamworld, the symbols of the inner world and the archetypal realms of the feminine which are encoded in ancient mythology. We are weaving this dimension of the Feminine psyche with dance and embodiment practices to come in closer contact to the ‘pulse’ of our feminine Essence within both psyche and body.

This is not going to be a weekend that will ‘transform you forever’, ‘change your life’ or a weekend that promised to get you ‘in your Feminine self’. Instead, we will offer an honest and grounded way to work with dreams, mythology and your own body. Embodying our feminine essence is a lifelong work, it is a vast and deep de-conditioning from the ways we have known ourselves and the world around us, and to start to move into a new consciousness, a New Feminine that has never existed before in this way. It will be an individual journey as much as it will be a shared one. To work with the deeper feminine is a commitment to our own Soul and the Soul of the World as we remember and enliven the forgetfulness of the sacred nature of the Feminine. This retreat is a deepening, it is not a quick-fix and it is most of all a work of service to the Feminine; both within ourselves, our ancestry as well as the collective and cosmic Feminine force.
With Dancing in Her Flames we have put the emphasis on the collective, on the Oneness of Creation and each of us within that as a pearl within the Greater necklace. This is where true wholeness lies and this is where we hope to deepen together in our weekend retreat.

We are gathering in an exclusive and truly inspiring location with beautiful eco-buildings, wonderful sleeping options, a very cosy community space, a huge garden, forests and megaliths. The exact location will be announced after you register.

You can expect the following in our long weekend

(from Friday evening – Monday morning) offered by Caroline and Faranak:

* 2 x Ecstatic Dance by DJ Caroline upon arrival and as a closing ceremony
* Dreamwork every morning (Jungian / Alchemical methodology)
* Sacred Body work to help free the Womb and Throat circuitry
* Ancient Tibetan group-work with the Pulse of the Heart
* Myth and Storytelling and understanding the Wisdom within the symbolic
* Embodiment practices to ground the learnings and experiences of the weekend
* (optional) Movie-night and/or Vision Quest in the Ardenne Forrest (at night!)


(including accommodation and full board vegetarian meals):
* Normal price: 400 euros
* Come with a friend: 50 euros discount
* Tipi: 350 euros (full)

Our flyer:

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