DJ CaroLine mixes

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“Until further notice: CELEBRATE EVERYTHING!”

DJ CaroLine

The sounds of DJ CaroLine can be summarized in three words: uplifting, deep and soulful.

She uses a variety of musical ingredients – from shamanic rhythms to swinging melodies, from deep-tribal grooves to heart-opening mantras and from raw dubstep beats to soft poetic vocals – and mixes them into a new blend of unique sounds and vibrations.

Her music takes you on a journey, from the inside out and the outside in. Your heart will expand. Your skin will soften. And every cell in your body will celebrate.



May you enjoy these mixes as you dance deep into silence while giving birth to sound. As you drop your mind and get into your body. And as you are being taken on a journey through the soundscapes of love and life.

May you dance. Soft or wild. Inward or outward. All or no-thing. And all the layers in between.

Let’s dance.