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 ❧ True knowledge can only be understood when EXPERIENCED. Things that might not be clear now, can suddenly become clear when FELT. All can change in a second. All of us have a deep knowledge of why we are here and who we are, on this planet. The biggest obstacle is FEAR. Yet, fear has only been ‘created’ out of fear, and this fear has been ‘created’ out of fear. This is a vicious cycle that can easily be stopped. One word is needed: STOP. Fear can be stopped by saying STOP to fear. Fear keeps us small and stupid. Courage takes us to the hugeness that we are. The awesome-ness. The true being of BEING.  ❧

❧ When we can work on a creative level, all that is needed is being given constantly. The fear we human beings have to create, can find its roots in the fear of the light. But again, this is now shifting dramatically. Keep breathing while you breath, keep doing what you do while you do it, keep connecting, as this is who you are. All what is needed will come, keep that TRUST.  ❧

❧ Life is all about doing what we like. It is about loving what we do. It is about enjoying – together. The world is a miracle, and so are you!  ❧

(Inspired writing by Caroline S’Jegers)