Heart of Facilitator Training 2022

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Heart of Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Training

A Week of Dance Transformation

2-8 October 2022 at Uelenspieghel (Drenthe, NL)

Register through our website!

  • A week-long facilitator & leadership training for Ecstatic & Conscious Dance.

  • Topics: movement facilitation, holding a sacred space, DJing, in short: everything needed to create, facilitate and lead Ecstatic & Conscious Dance events. 

  • In a beautiful natural environment with our own dancing hall, outside fire, Ecstatic Dance, forest, open fields and sunrises & sunsets!

  • Lodging in a single/double or shared room, or sleeping in your own tent, camper or caravan.

  • Delicious ecological, vegetarian and local meals. 

  • An elaborated printed manual of over 100 pages full of information and online resources.

Our facilitator training is a 6-day residential training program for everyone who feels the calling to create a dancing community. You’ll learn to manifest, hold and facilitate your own unique Ecstatic or Conscious Dance events. It is a deep dive into the core of what makes dance ‘ecstatic’ & ‘conscious’. We’ll talk about the fascinating history of ecstatic dancing and sense into it’s emerging future. We will share all the steps needed to create an event: finding a space that fits, holding and creating a safe environment, dealing with challenges, conducting different types of ceremonies and rituals, and bringing the right music and DJ skills to serve the dance.

This residential training is a ‘hands on’ – or more correctly: a ‘body on’ – training where you will practice yourself how to lead a ceremony; design the space; and play with music with our training group. We encourage everyone to bring and share their specific skills and wisdom, so we build a collective toolbox and open up space to co-create. Besides practice opportunities within our training. We will also have a chance to try it out for real and be involved (and even host) our own Ecstatic Dance at the retreat center of Uelenspieghel, in Drenthe (The Netherlands).

We believe Ecstatic Dance only works when it has a strong beating heart.

The guidelines are simple, but how do we make it sacred, authentic and transformative?


Below is a short impression of the program. In reality the program will be more flexible, organic, and adjusted to the needs of the group. Although each day has a theme, we’ll weave all the topics throughout each day of the week. It will be an intense week – with a lot of information and practice. We recommend that you give yourself this entire week for your own training, growth and learning. We will train all days, including some evenings.

Day 1 * Arrival and Dance together. Practicalities and basics: building community amongst ourselves.

Day 2 * A dive into the his/her/our-story of Ecstatic Dance and the art of creating a safe / brave space for dancers to get wild and free.

Day 3 * Hands-on practice in leading a ceremony, creating a ritual, facilitating a class/warm up to bring the people to an open state before the dance. 

Day 4  * Music: choosing the right music for every crowd, learning about the effects of music on a dancer’s body and how to go with what is in the room while gently leading it.

Day 5  * Building a community and leadership: learning about personal leadership; how to bring diversity in awareness, build bridges with already existing communities and work with the footprints of community. Ending our day with an exclusive Ecstatic Dance.

Day 6 * Troubleshooting & Integration: what can go ‘wrong’ and how to navigate these situations. Harvest of our week together and closing ceremony.  



  • 700 euro (early bird for the first 4 people who sign up)

  • 850-950 euro (full price, according to income and financial abilities)

Stay (5 nights)

  • Double room: 175 euro (per person)

  • Shared common room: 150 euro (5 people in a big room)

  • Pipo wagon / Cabin for single use 250 euro (4 places only)

  • Pipo wagon / Cabin for a couple (there is only 1 bed): 375 euro

  • Own tent / Caravan / Camper: 75 euro


  • 190 euro for food ( 5x breakfast, 6x lunch, 5x dinner)

10% of the profit will be donated to a charity organization.

During this residential training we wish to create an intimate dancing and learning community. We therefore have places for 25 participants.



  • Uelenspieghel is beautifully located in the midst of nature. You can find more info and photos of the center – click here.

  • There is also the option to stay for a longer time at Uelenspieghel. You can then communicate this through email: info@uelenspieghel.nl.


  • The food is vegetarian, biological and mostly local. We try to give the best food and nutrition, but we do realize that for some of us there are different needs.

  • If you have your own specific food that you need, please bring for yourself. If you have allergies, please let us know.

  • We offer food from Monday lunch until Saturday lunch (so no breakfast on Monday morning and no dinner on Saturday evening).

For more info or to register: website | Facebook


About us:

Tom Goldhand is a dancer, dance teacher, group facilitator and a Dance therapist (MA). Tom has been teaching, creating and facilitating dance for over 15 years. He is the co-founder and facilitator of Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam, and owner and manager of Sadhana Dance School. In the last years alongside the weekly classes, Tom facilitates movement and personal development week workshops and retreats in Europe.

“I see myself as an improviser, I dance to discover, uncover and recover. My dance gravitate more and more into exploring movement with awareness and this is what I like to share, whether it is in dance improvisation – the art of here and now, working with partners in the form of contact improvisation, going deep into Authentic Movement or high and above into Ecstatic Dance”.



Léon Beckx is a dancer and a psychologist (MSc). After studying Gestalt therapy he came across the 5Rhythms in 2001 and fell in love with the Conscious Dance form. In 2008 he trained with Gabrielle Roth to become a teacher and has since then been teaching Conscious Dance in the Netherlands and abroad. Besides dance, Léon is a lifelong student of martial arts, a somatic practitioner and a playback theater actor and weaves these practices in his teachings. His teaching style is experimental and subtle with much focus on our bodies innate intelligence.

Léon will also bring his extensive experience with facilitation, community building and community art to the training. From 2007 he has been working as a senior trainer and co-director for a Dutch NGO ‘Diversity Joy’, working with diverse and often marginalized communities and educating facilitators (inter)nationally.



Caroline S’Jegers, the founder of ‘ícaro – roots to create’, is an embodied entrepreneur and trainer. She is the co-organizer of Ecstatic Dance Belgium and is passionate about sharing her (he)ART – from teaching workshops to DJ’ing and leading ceremonies at dance communities and (conscious club) events all over the world.

As a dancer and DJ, Caroline uses music as poetry, while speaking the language of the body and listening to the heart’s longings. The sounds of DJ CaroLine can be summarized in three words: uplifting, deep and soulful. As a psychologist (BA) and a cultural anthropologist (MSc), Caroline has absorbed herself for years in the deeper-lying healing aspects of dance across cultures. Bringing dance back to the land, Caroline envisions a future where community life flourishes and respect for Mother Earth deepens…



More information and registration through this link.