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Weaving a Conscious Dance Journey

13-16 June 2022 * Residential (Drenthe, NL)

Join us for a 4 day training into weaving a musical adventure for Ecstatic and Conscious Dance. It is easy to get lost as an aspiring DJ as there is an overload of the techniques and genres to explore and lose sight of why you DJ. We will therefore focus on the heart and the art of DJing so you can choose which skills to develop as a DJ. Our training starts with listening, rooting ourselves in the his/herstory and a firm understanding of the different stages of the journey. You will experience different styles and types of music, and its effect on the dancing body. We will dive in the practicalities and skills to create your own set, mix and improvise during a set – while listening to your crowd. With this knowledge you can use all the aspects of your craft to go beyond the mere technicality of playing songs and create magic on the dancefloor. 

The Heart of DJ’ing, for us, is about the creation of a Dance Journey. Mixing, transitioning, selecting different genres – all is in service of the dance. Creating a dance journey is not just about placing tracks one after the other. It is about helping the dancers arrive in their bodies, lifting them over the threshold and into a deep surrender. It is also about supporting them to find their feet again and move back into their daily lives, yet transformed by the experience – together. In fact, as DJ’s, we are constantly tuning into our own bodies while staying present for the wider space (the ‘big body’) as well.

During this training, we will visit different Conscious Dance practices, like the 5Rhythms, which have developed ways to map the dance journey. These movement maps can help a DJ to navigate the musical landscape. We will also practice building a musical storyline from scratch using different storytelling techniques, like plot twists. With this know-how, we can start to use our own creativity, or go astray from the maps and lead the dancers into the wild.

This training is suited for every-body (both beginners or experienced DJ’s) with an interest in Conscious/Ecstatic dance, (movement) therapy, yoga, space holding, ceremony, community, social change and embodiment practices. 

The Heart of Ecstatic Dance is an embodied vehicle for movement exploration and dance. We encourage everyone to bring and share their specific skills and wisdom, so we can build a collective toolbox and open up spaces to co-create. Besides offering technical information, we will also be creating opportunities for diving deeper into our listening ears, our practical skills plus our embodied knowledge.

DATES: 13-16 June 2022


During this residential training we wish to create an intimate dancing and learning community. We therefore have places for 25 participants. 10% of the income will be donated to an organization that supports vulnerable groups in these challenging times.


  • 650-750 euros (according to your income)
  • The first four to register will receive a 50 euros discount!
  • You can only register for the full training.

More information and registration through this link.