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People have been dancing into ecstasy since the dawn of humankind. We danced to connect, to heal, to trancend, and to celebrate.  All over the world, people created sacred spaces where they danced to the beat of a drum. These dance journeys gave birth to art, theatre, healing, and religion. Trance and ecstasy are core to our human experience. Yet, in the west, this part of our human nature has long been suppressed. Dance became a sin and was stripped from its sacred dimensions. Ecstasy, however, has a way of finding us through the cracks of our civilization. In the last century, pioneers like Isadora Duncan, Gabrielle Roth, and Anna Halprin have been paving the way for a growing Ecstatic and Conscious Dance revival. Once more people are dancing under a full moon, reinventing rituals and ceremonies for these chaotic times. We are reclaiming our place as human animals among the community of life, and rediscovering the body as a temple for divine energies.

Our mission at Heart of the Dance is to support the re-awakening of Ecstatic and Conscious Dance. In our rapidly changing world, Conscious Dance has the ability to ground us, break barriers, and build communities. We know, because dance has done all these things for us. As the ecstatic fire is rekindled in our midst, it is still vulnerable to being blown out. With its rising popularity, the essence of Ecstatic Dance is sometimes watered down. What once was a transformational dance journey now looks like a spiritual clubbing event. We therefore feel moved to share what lies at the heart of the dance: its deep roots; the guiding principles; the creation of a sacred and brave space; and the art and craft of facilitating a dance journey, both in movement and music. We share this know-how as longtime teachers, DJ’s, and, most of all, as students of the field.

Tom Goldhand is a dancer, dance teacher, group facilitator and a Dance therapist (MA). Tom has been teaching, creating and facilitating dance for over 15 years. He is the co-founder and facilitator of Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam, and owner and manager of Sadhana Dance School. In the last years alongside the weekly classes, Tom facilitates movement and personal development week workshops and retreats in Europe. His website: www.tomgoldhand.com
Léon Beckx is a dancer and a psychologist (MSc). After studying Gestalt therapy he came across the 5Rhythms in 2001 and fell in love with the Conscious Dance form. In 2008 he trained with Gabrielle Roth to become a teacher and has since then been teaching Conscious Dance in the Netherlands and abroad. Besides dance, Léon is a lifelong student of martial arts, a somatic practitioner and a playback theater actor and weaves these practices in his teachings. His teaching style is experimental and subtle with much focus on our bodies innate intelligence. For more info see: www.conscious-dance.com.
Caroline S’Jegers – founder of ‘ícaro * roots to create’ and co-founder of Ecstatic Dance Belgium – is a passionate music, dance and birth keeper. She roots herself in ritual, uses music as poetry and listens to the spaces between the words: “On the dance floor – as in life – the mystery unfolds…” As a mother of two young boys, Caroline is actively engaged in a thriving community life with respect for every living creature, our bodies and mother earth. For more info: www.carolinesjegers.com.
ECSTATIC DANCE IS – a unique experience, created and formed around a communal dancing idea: a conscious dancing that allows you to sink into your body. In Ecstatic Dance, you can explore, express, feel, move, touch and manifest through body, mind and soul. And by doing so, connect more deeply to life (me-we-big body).