HeartBeat Journey

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HeartBeat Journey – A Dance, Sound & Healing Circle

“So I will always lean my heart as close to your soul as I can.” (Hafiz)

A co-creation of sacred live music, poetic dance meditation and a singing/mantra circle takes you into a magical HeartBeat Journey – guided by Caroline S’Jegers and special guest musicians from around the world.

We invite you to enter a space of pure and divine connection. A space in which music takes you on a journey through softness, clarity and vulnerability. A space in which you are free to sing along, share your full potential and celebrate life to the fullest. A space in which expression plays along with words and voice. A space in which we encourage to dance and move with, through and around yourself, your divine body and others.

This evening will be filled with joy, intimacy, connection and relaxation. While entering the space, we softly welcome you with soulful vibrations. From here, we take you on a guided meditation through voice and poetry. Live music will guide you along the way on this intimate journey of expansion and connection. From here, we sing mantras together as a way of celebrating life. We end the evening in a circle of sharing.

* Breath. Sensitivity. Drums.
* Circle. Connection. Dance.
* Smiles. Relaxation. Poetry.
* Candles. Expansion. Voice.


19h30 – welcome, silent entrance, breathing circle
20h – music, dance, poetry and celebration
21h – singing circle, play and relaxation
22h – closing circle

❧ DATES: to be announced


“In the silence between your heartbeat bides a summons. Do you hear it? Name it if you must, or leave it forever nameless, but why pretend it is not there?” (Rumi)



❧ Caroline S’Jegers
(Conscious Dance Facilitator, Ecstatic DJ, Soul Coach & Healing Touch)
To dance is to be alive. Caroline is the co-organizer, Dj and dance facilitator of Ecstatic Dance Belgium and works as a Dj for a diversity of events. She has been traveling around the world in order to expand her vision and art. Caroline gives personal coachings and healings – making use of her diversity of practices, such as Yoga, dance and contact improvisation. Through these practices, she also learned to embody that play, awareness and breath are keys to re-creating a life full of beauty and pleasure. Caroline invites you.. to journey and be moved!



❧ Surya (Maarten Adriaenssens/Sankalpa)

Maarten is a shaman of healing sounds. For many years, he studied holistic healing methods with various teachers including Nestor Kornblum and Michele Averard. For him, sharing his love for overtones in instruments and voice is like sharing the vibrations of the entire universe! He lets the healing sounds flow freely in group sessions, concerts, individual therapy and workshops – and travels to a diversity of festivals. Surya, who was born late 2013, aims to bring people closer to the Source. He believes Sound Consciousness is an essential part of our development on this new earth! He is happy to contribute to this awareness movement, which leads us to a happier and more loving life. www.suryasoundhealing.be

❧ Kristien Vercammen
(Voice Coach, Breath Worker and Musical Healer)
Her voice is the mirror of her soul. Kristien loves to create a sacred space through sound and vibration in which we can travel and explore together. She has her own practice ‘de Klankkamer’ (the Sounding Room) in Wilrijk (Antwerp). As a child, Kristien would sing songs while lying in bed and moving her head up and down. Sound and movement make her feel at home by bringing peace into her heart. She has a curriculum of traveling around the world with her most magical singing voice. Kristien will dare you to go on an adventure by connection to your voice, your breath and by doing so: to your Soul’s calling.

❧ Babek Bodien

A musical magician from Berlin. He plays a wide range of instruments, such as drum, guitar, didgeridoo, flute and shakers. He is an alchemist of mantras. He speaks the language of vibration. He has been supporting healing workshops such as Birth into Being with his music. Besides that, he has been creating tribal sounds during Ecstatic Dance Berlin. Above all, Babek is a man with a beautiful heart, who loves reading poems and creates songs about love and life. Website: www.babekbodien.com