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Universa & ícaro proudly present..

in the weekend of
16th-18th JUNE 2017

a Contact Improvisation workshop

with * KARL FROST * (California/USA)

at the cosy dance space
Zolder, ‘t Werkhuys, Borgerhout.

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About the workshop HUMAN CONTACT:

Contact Improvisation is a 40 year old art practice exploring the physical possibilities of bodies moving through contact. A mixture of contemporary dance, circus acrobatics, soft martial arts, and physical meditation it is an open-ended world of exploration guided by collaborative curiosity.

The material for this workshop is taken from the Human Contact Project, an organic mix of technical work and more experiential and sensory explorations. We explore principles of alignment and physical listening as we move, fall, and fly together through the space. We look for ease and soft power as we collaborate on the body-mechanics of moving together. There is a blending of surrender of control of self with shaping and influencing the movement of the other. We also look at the experiential side of contact, a mix of pleasure, nurturing, thrill, and poetic art-making in movement.

We collaborate with each other in holding space for the exploration of the physical poetry of bodies moving together.



Karl Frost (California) is one of the most known Contact Impro Masters in the world. He has been teaching and performing contact and related work in body-based creative process for the last 30 years and is the director of Body Research Physical Theater. Karl is recognized for his dynamic and articulate movement style, his rigor in physical research and teaching, and for the edge-pushing nature of his work in both practice and performance.

His work, influenced by studies in contemporary release technique, Alexander technique, somatic psychology, and martial arts, has been showcased internationally His performance work takes the body and emotionally and physically felt experience as their reference points, often framed in highly interactive postdramatic installation. He is also an academic, with an MFA in Dramatic Arts and a PhD in Human Ecology, has collaborated in the Cultural Evolution Lab (University of California, Davis), and is currently living in Spain as an Erasmus Mundus posdoctoral research fellow at the Institut de Ciencia i Tecnologia Ambientals at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, researching in political ecology.




Friday 16th June: 19h-22h
Saturday 17th June: 10h30-17h30
Sunday 18th June: 10h30-17h30

Venue: ‘t Werkhuys (Zolder) Zegelstraat 13, 2140 Antwerp

❧ Friday evening: 20 euro
❧ Full weekend workshop:
* 150 euro – register and pay before 30th April 2017
* 160 euro – register and pay before 14th May 2017
* 170 euro – register and pay before 28th May 2017
* 180 euro – register and pay after 28th May 2017

This workshop is entirely in English!
Translation to Dutch if needed.

What to bring:
Lunch and drinks, pen and paper, easy clothing

Subscription and payment:
❧ Register by filling in the form below.
❧ Registrations can only be validated and confirmed when accompanied by payment:
BE91 7350 4058 3976 – Caroline S’Jegers – Dieseghemlei 51 – 2640 Mortsel.

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Cancellation policy:
* Cancellations until 28th May: full reimbursement (minus 25 euro cancellation fee)
* Cancellations between 28th May and 9th June: 50% reimbursement
* Cancellations after 9th June: no reimbursement