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Sunday 8th October 2023 (13h30-17h30) at Mandorla, Lier
INCANTATION :: Circle of Poetry, Motion and Medicine Songs
Share with me
What truly matters”

(Caroline S’Jegers)
We all came to earth with our own medicine. Each of us carries an essence that wants to be felt and lived. And it is from this inspiration that we share and receive with each other. During this INCANTATION afternoon celebration, we are inviting you to sing, pray and celebrate life with us. And this at the very beautiful yurt of Mandorla, surrounded by nature and located in Lier.
We open the singing circle with tobacco, offering our intention to the water. We explore our unique expression, as every voice gives a specific color to this existence. Through poetry, Caroline S’Jegers will then co-create fine soundscapes of sensory motion. Poetry in Motion is a blend between spoken word and silent intimacy. Bringing you insights, smiles, tears, laughter and deeper meaning, we allow for our voices to take us on a journey where our mind relaxes, our body starts moving and our heart blossoms.
From here, we will dive deeper into the medicine of songs, under the guidance of Josse Horsten. We will support songs for the seven directions, accompanied by rattle and drum. We experience in our body what the medicine songs – passed down from different traditions – translate and echo in us. There is also room to bring in a prayer song yourself.
We will provide tea and water for all of us to enjoy…
Location: Heidebloem, 2500 Lier (park here, then walk for 400m through the nature until you reach the Mandorla yurt, follow the signs!)
Date: Sunday 8th October 2023
Time: 13h30-17h30 (welcome to arrive at 13h, and feel free to bring a vegetarian meal – so we can share potluck dinner at the end)
Contribution: 25-35 euro (sliding scale)
Registration: only through sending us an email >




Together, Josse and Caroline have been walking the path of the heart for eight years, interweaving their love for song, prayer and dance.

Josse Horsten designs edible landscapes and uses medicine songs to cultivate connection with himself, with spirit and with all his relationships. Within the tradition of Fuego Sagrodo de Itzachilatlan and the travels he has made in recent years, he has started to carry and integrate many songs. In this way he loves to open and hold a space for prayer and song as a way to remember our essence.

Caroline S’Jegers is the founder of ‘ícaro * roots to create’, a passionate movement, birth and music keeper. Her sounds and words can be summarized in three words: touching, deep and soulful. She roots herself in ritual, uses poetry as music and listens to the spaces between the silences: “In every dance and singing circle – as in life – the mystery unfolds…” And from here she invites you to listen…


Breathe out
And in

And then, again
Let it all begin”
(Caroline S’Jegers)