Keep (One Whole)

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 Keep (one whole)

– Caroline S’Jegers

Keep journeying through your life as though every heartbeat
gives you a little push to move closer to what brought you here.

Keep focusing your attention to the smaller things,
those things that become normal when being seen daily,
and so easily being taken for granted,
such as dewdrops, arm and chest hair, wood and blue colours.

Keep sending and receiving energy to the outer and inner roams,
always re-membering those parts of love that were hidden for a time,
but are now gradually entering the consciousness of this planet again,
asking people’s know-how, through breathing and feeding.

Keep feeling what is real and what isn’t,
even though there’s a thin, invisible line in between,
clarity and discernment need to be sharp when new connections
are being created, and action for the justice of love is being made.

Keep dancing while experiencing each movement of body and soul as new,
completing each breath with a prayer of grace, letting the eyes
follow the hands and feet, and integrating middle with extremities,
right with left, and outside with inside, making it one whole,

one whole in which we keep arriving,
in and through touch,

to the land

without borders,
without poverty,
without hierarchy,
without injustice,

to the land

we call