Kolkata Sanved (Tweet4Change)

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I received this message from a friend this morning: “Help in the fight against human trafficking and Tweet for change! Every vote for Kolkata Sanved earns the organization 100 INR!”

So I also invite you to do so. You can follow this link and make your ‘vote’ for Kolkata Sanved: tweet4change.

A few years ago, I worked there as a volunteer. Kolkata Sanved is an organisation that uses Dance Movement Therapy as an alternative approach to counseling, psychosocial rehabilitation, self expression, and empowerment. Their core project, ‘Saving Lives through Dance’, works with diverse marginalised communities in collaboration with governments and non-profit organizations (NGOs).

While working there, I felt as if I was coming home.. Although being confronted with the harsh reality, and while working with survivors of sex trafficking, it was one of the most beautiful times in my life. And this is what I wrote back then: “I was helping during a movement workshop with community girls… When I suddenly noticed their faces: I have never seen such a big smiles and I have never felt such a pure and energetic atmosphere in my life before! These girls have so many problems, but when they started dancing and playing, they opened up like a beautiful flower! Dancing truly saves lives!”

More of my experiences can be read on the blog I wrote back then (in Dutch): click here.

More information about Kolkata Sanved can be read on their beautiful website: kolkatasanved.org.