Let your spirit guide you..

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Ever since the beginning of time, human beings have lived on this planet, needing to take care of their own self-suficiency.  In cultures back then, roles were divided – and every being’s mission was very clear. Some would go hunting, while others channeled for the ill and desperate. But all stayed in contact with the Laws of Nature. All felt the Source always floating through them. Then, as societies grew bringing industrialization, new experiments were created. New missions were experienced, and many heart connections got lost.

We have no clear answer to WHY things evolved as they did. They simply did. The Earth needed to experience darkness as well, after a period of such care. And just like any human being growing stronger out of hardships, the Earth is now growing stronger with wisdoms that could not be channeled before. She too is a living entity, and exists out of the same pieces as every creature on this planet and in this universe.

Expand your horizon, and you will see the entire universe moving in front of your eyes. We call this the ‘INNER VISION’. All information lies within you, and you can tap from it ANYTIME. This is the Knowledge of shamans and other healers, this is their secret. Through your inner vision, you can travel anywhere. Your strength lies within you, and only by fully allowing this connection to take place, can magic continue to grow. You are already where you need to be, you have the vision and have arrived Home. So nothing and everything is exactly the way it should be.

You can travel thirty times around the word with one blink of an eye and a few sentences. Let it take you, let your spirit guide you. The world is your playground, it loves to make jokes and isn’t taking things as serious as humans do. The world is here to be explored.

The reason why at times you let doubt enter you, is because this too deserves a voice. Doubting is merely opening up other choices. And from the moment the right things have found you, your doubt will no longer be necessary. Your path is flowing from your peaceful yet wild and vulnerable inside – to from there reach and serve the people and animals around you. This is the artist’s way. You are right where you need to be.

– Inspired writing on 1. March 2014