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ícaro events & Nataraj proudly present..

♫ Nataraj goes Antwerp – Belgium!

Saturday 1st July 2017
21h30 Nataraj Party met CaroLine & Shanto
Zappa, August Leyweg, 6 2020 Antwerpen
doors open 19.00 | entree 27 euro | PARTY ONLY 12 euro


Wow! Twee primeurs in een nacht… Nataraj komt voor het eerst naar Antwerpen en neemt gelijk RISING APPALACHIA mee voor het openingsconcert van hun Europese tour.

We hopen natuurlijk dat ‘tout’ Belgium bij dit feestje gaat zijn en er met ons een onvergetelijke 1001 sterren nacht van maakt. Naast het concert en het dansen komt er een ‘Nataraj Bazaar’ waarvoor we iedereen die iets moois, liefs, heerlijks, ludieks, speciaals, kunst of on-zinnigs aan te bieden heeft uitnodigen.

Leuke dans-act, poi dansers en hoop dancers ook van harte welkom.

♫ Voor de Bazaar en acts neem contact op met Caroline:

doors open 19.00 | entree 27 euro | PARTY ONLY 12 euro
Concert 20u | Party 21:30u


Rising Appalachia brings to the stage a collection of sounds, stories, and songs steeped in tradition and a devotion to world culture. Intertwining a deep reverence for folk music and a passion for justice, they have made it their life’s work to sing songs that speak to something ancient yet surging with relevance. Whether playing at Red Rocks or in rail cars, at Italian street fairs or to Bulgarian herbalists, this fiercely independent band has blazed a unique and colorful path across the globe. 11 years into their movement, Rising Appalachia believes that the roots of all these old songs are vital to our ever evolving soundscape.

Led by the collective voice of sisters Leah and Chloe, and joined by their beloved band – percussionist Biko Casini and bassist/guitarist David Brown – Rising Appalachia is a melting pot of folk music simplicity, textured songwriting, and those bloodline harmonies that only siblings can pull off. Listen for a tapestry of song, clawhammer banjo tunes, fiddle, double bass, acoustic guitar, djembe, barra, bodhran, spoken word, and a wealth of musical layering that will leave you called to action and lulled into rhythmic dance simultaneously. It is both genre bending and familiar at the same time. Proudly born and raised in the concrete jungle of Atlanta, Georgia, sharpening their instincts in the mountains of Appalachia, and fine tuning their soul on the streets of New Orleans they have crafted a 6-album career from the dusts of their passion.

In 2015 Rising Appalachia founded the Slow Music Movement, to help maintain an independent musical spirit in the face of such a fast-paced world. They are creatively committed to keeping their work accessible at the local street level as well as expanding to larger audiences abroad, and have continued to maintain autonomy by self- managing, recording, producing and creating, and directing their work.

They are greatly honored to do the work that they do.

“Music is the tool with which we wield political prowess. Melody for the Roots of each of us…spreading song and sound around the globe. Music has become our script for vision- not just for aural pleasure, not just for hobby, but now as a means to connect and create in ways that we aren’t taught by mainstream culture. We are building community and tackling social injustice through melody, making the stage reach out with wide arms to gather this great family. It has taken on its own personality, carrying us all along the journey. Heres to poetic observations, social change, lyrical messages, political focus, symphonic coercing, ferocious bantering, bicycles and train tracks, primal will, fresh air, harmony, flow, and beautiful noise. “- Leah Song.

” Rising Appalachia is the aural divinity of two sisters seeped in the deep south flair of harmony, resistance, and poetry” – NPR

“Green Album of the Year” – the Huffington Post

“Rising Appalachia seeks to showcase the beauty of the simple, the subtle, and the sometimes unseen with its soulful folk music” – anonymous


More info:
ícaro events * www.carolinesjegers.com
Nataraj barefoot dancing * www.nataraj.nl

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