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Dance is a powerful tool for healing, social change and transformation. Through dance, we connect ourselves to the moment, to our creativity, to our bodies, to our raw essence, to our tribal nature and thus: to mother earth. Dancing takes us home – from the inside out and the outside in.

During this ONLINE Ecstatic Organic Dance, DJ Caroline S’Jegers will be sharing sounds and silences, guiding you on a musical journey.

Ecstatic Dance is a free-form dance. Connected to ourselves and to the space around us, we give expression to what lives within us. After a few minutes of silence and a guided movement meditation, the music will support you as you dive deep within. The word organic refers to following your own organic flow – and from here, connecting to the larger web of which we are all part.

Even if you don’t call yourself a dancer, the only prerequisite to join is the willingness to listen, to move… and to let yourself be moved!

“To all that is chaotic in you, let there come silence.”
(Jan Richardson)

In these times of great change and chaos, it feels essential to take enough time and space for reflection and re-membrance of what truly matters. Many of us ask ourselves: how can I serve? Before, throughout and after the dance, make sure to give yourself the time and the space to slow down and to unwind.

Through zoom, we can bring the dance floor to your own home! All you need to do is show up, bring paper and pen, water and your own beautiful self. Welcome!


Music and guidance by: Caroline S’Jegers
* founder of “ícaro events * roots to create”
* co-founder of Heart of Ecstatic Dance & Ecstatic Dance Belgium
* passionate DJ & movement whisperer

Caroline’s sounds and words can be summed up in three words: touching, deep and soulful. She roots herself in ritual, uses music as poetry and listens to the spaces between the silences:

“Music moves and shapes me.
On the dance floor – just like in life –
the mystery unfolds…”



Date: Saturday 4th April 2020 (19h30-21h CET time zone)

This will be an online zoom meeting with limited capacity in order to keep it a safe and sacred virtual space.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out through mail:

Here’s the practical information for our online dance:
We will use the online platform of Zoom, which you can use either through your computer (optimal choice for better sound) or smartphone (make sure to download the zoom app!). If you have one, connect your computer or phone to an external sound system. For Zoom, you will need a (good enough) internet connection.
Here’s the link:
Join Zoom Meeting through
Meeting ID: 316 672 383.
Dance starts at 19h30 (please be there no later than 19h45) and ends at 21h (after which I will create some space and time for a short sharing round). Make space to dance in your own home – and take time before, during and after the dance to write, draw or relax. Your presence is a present, so please, show up in time and stay until the end (if you can!). How to prepare yourself before the beginning of the dance: wear comfortable clothes and serve yourself water or tea.
On Zoom, you have the choice to have your camera on or off. If it feels comfortable for you, we ask to keep it on – and to use the grid view. Seeing one another can help build connection, inspiration and safety during the dance. Y can use the chat to ask questions (such as technical support). When you enter the zoom room, make sure to stay on ‘mute’ (as it reduces feedback). During the sharing after the dance, you have the option to unmute yourself and share with the group.
Donations are very welcome through paypal: or through my bank account (send me a personal mail).
See you on the virtual dance floor in your own living room!