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A deep dive into the foundations of Ecstatic & Conscious Dance
Roots – Ritual & Ceremony – Holding Space
3 hour, interactive classes

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The Heart of Ecstatic Dance will be hosting 3 live online masterclasses in the weekend of 23rd until 25th of October 2020 (10h – 13h CET time). During these interactive three hour classes, you will get a chance to ground yourself deeper into the (he)art of the dance.

These classes are for every-body with an interest in conscious/ecstatic dance, (movement) therapy, holding space, ceremony, community & social change and embodiment practices.

If you feel the calling to dive deeper into the wisdom of embodied leadership, if you wish to give a firm base to your embodiment practice or wish to make a change, you are very welcome to join.

In true leadership, you show the way to and for others. During these online masterclasses, we encourage you to bring and share your specific skills and wisdom, so we can build a collective toolbox and open up spaces to co-create.

The Heart of Ecstatic Dance is an embodied vehicle for movement exploration and dance. Especially in these times of transition and change, we bring our intention towards re-connecting and reweaving what we describe as the ‘big body’: a dancing culture in which diversity, support and connection to the earth is being embraced.

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In order to create a supported and held space, we gather through the zoom platform for an intimate learning experience. We therefore have limited spaces available.

* Friday: Roots of Ecstatic Dance – 3 hour master class diving into the roots of Ecstatic Dance and Conscious Dance practices
* Saturday: Rituals & Ceremonies in Dance & Life – 3 hour master class diving into what makes a dance into a ceremony & an action into a sacred ritual
* Sunday: Holding Space – The Art of Being Present – 3 hour master class diving into the delicate ways of holding space in dance, ceremony and in life

We ask 40 euros per class.
You receive a 25 euros discount if you sign in for the three masterclasses (and thus will pay 95 euros for the 3 classes). If you bring a friend, each of you get a 5 euro discount (write in the coupon: “two participants”).

10% of the income will be donated to an organization that supports vulnerable groups in these challenging times.

Registration is done through our website:
After you finish the registration you will receive the link invitation for our zoom meeting.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email:



1. We use Zoom for our online event. Using zoom through your computer will give better sound than via your smartphone (make sure to download the zoom app!) If possible, connect your computer or phone to an external sound system.
2. In order to guarantee a safe space for every participant, we ask not to take pictures or to shazam (you can always ask the DJ about music after the dance).
3. Please, stay in silence throughout the entire session.
4. Accommodate your home for movement.
5. Wear comfortable clothes and serve yourself water or tea.
6. Your presence is a present, so we ask of you to show up in time and to stay until the end (if you can).
7. On Zoom, you have the choice to have your camera on or off. We ask to keep it on. Seeing one another can help build connection, inspiration and safety during the dance.
8. You can use the chat to ask us questions (for instance concerning technical support).
9. We encourage everyone to write down our name and location below to your video by clicking the three dots.
10. After the dance, you will be given the option to unmute yourself and share about your experience with the group.

We look forward to see and connecting with you – through the virtual zoom platform in your own home!



Tom Goldhand is a dancer, dance teacher, group facilitator and a Dance therapist (MA). Tom has been teaching, creating and facilitating dance for over 15 years. He is the co-founder and facilitator of Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam, and owner and manager of Sadhana Dance School. In the last years alongside the weekly classes, Tom facilitates movement and personal development week workshops and retreats in Europe. His website:

Léon Beckx is a dancer and a psychologist (MSc). After studying Gestalt therapy he came across the 5Rhythms in 2001 and fell in love with the Conscious Dance form. In 2008 he trained with Gabrielle Roth to become a teacher and has since then been teaching Conscious Dance in the Netherlands and abroad. Besides dance, Léon is a lifelong student of martial arts, a somatic practitioner and a playback theater actor and weaves these practices in his teachings. His teaching style is experimental and subtle with much focus on our bodies innate intelligence. For more info see:

Caroline S’Jegers, founder of ‘ícaro events * roots to create’, is a passionate sound and motion whisperer. Rooted in ritual, Caroline experiences music as poetry and listens to the spaces in between the silences… As a psychologist (BA) and a cultural anthropologist (MSc), Caroline has been studying the deeper healing aspects of dance throughout different cultures for more than 15 years. With a mission to bring us back to our dancing roots, Caroline is actively engaged in a thriving community life with respect for Mother Earth. Her website:


ECSTATIC DANCE IS – a unique experience, created and formed around a communal dancing idea: a conscious dancing that allows you to sink into your body. In Ecstatic Dance, you can explore, express, feel, move, touch and manifest through body, mind and soul. And by doing so, connect more deeply to life (me-we-big body).