Organic Dance :: Journey

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Organic Dance :: Journey
Movement in a time of transition!
Dance is a powerful tool for healing, social change and transformation. Through dance, we connect ourselves to the moment, to our creativity, to our bodies, to our raw essence, to our tribal nature and thus: to mother earth. Dancing takes us home – from the inside out and the outside in.

During these full moon Organic Dance evenings, Caroline S’Jegers will be sharing sounds and silences, guiding you on a musical journey. Connected to ourselves and to the space around us, we give expression to what lives within us. After a few minutes of silence and a guided movement meditation, the music will support you as you dive deep within. The word organic refers to following your own organic flow – and from here, connecting to the larger web of which we are all part. Even if you don’t call yourself a dancer, the only prerequisite to join is the willingness to listen, to move… and to let yourself be moved!


Dates: Thursday evenings 24th June and 22nd July 2021 (19-22h)

Location: Tree circle (outside), De Weegbree, Hoogstraat 64, 2861 OLV-Waver (near Mechelen)

Parking: We recommend to come by public transport. If you come by car, we ask to park at Atelier Verstrepen, Hoogstraat 40, OLV Waver.

19h00: Welcome with music
19h30: Opening ceremony & dance
22h: Ending ceremony & waving goodbye!

18-22 euros (sliding scale / 12-18 euros when financially challenged)

Only by registration: (we will have limited spaces available)


Music and guidance by: Caroline S’Jegers
* founder of “ícaro events * roots to create”
* co-founder of Heart of the Dance & Ecstatic Dance Belgium
* passionate sound & motion whisperer