Organic Dance :: Sanctuary

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Organic Dance :: Sanctuary
“Movement in times of great transition”

“The rhythm of my heart is the birth
and death of all that are alive”
(Thich Nhat Hahn)

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We are living in a time of great transition: as a human species, we are being confronted with global warming, with natural disasters, with malignent diseases and with collective human injustices that are also being created by our own actions. Caught in our own fears, we often completely ignore ourselves and our bodies. However, the darkest hour is just before dawn…
With a deep desire for community and connection, more and more people are calling out for new and passionate initiatives. The dance floor creates a safe space where we can (re)connect ourselves to life – through body, heart and mind!

In the weekend of …, we will be taking all the time and space to slow down together – and to reflect on the current choices that we are making in our daily lives. Through dance, movement, music, creativity and silence, we ask ourselves: how can we (re)connect ourselves to the earth – and therefore also to our own body? In which ways is the organic and cyclic movement of life moving through and within us? And what (small or large) steps can we take towards – as Gandhi says – ‘being the change we wish to see in this world’?

1. being or coming from something alive
2. forming an organic whole with

The word ‘organic’ reflects our ‘natural’ state of life. Born through the body of our mothers, we can experience our body as an extension of the earth. Just like the seasons, our lives move in cycles: birth, death and rebirth. What dies makes room for new life. During this Organic Dance Weekend, we simply make time and space to allow what wants to arise and move through to us. Without forcing, without having to ‘do’ anything.

By connecting with ourselves and the space around us, we can become more present in our body and follow its movements. In depth or expansive, gentle or wild, joyful or sensitive – through dance we express what lives within us and what wants to be moved! By taking care of ourselves, our own body and the earth, we also deepen our inner life force.

You are welcome, just the way you are!

* Dance and nature workshops
* Poetry in Motion (poetic sound scape)
* Fire ceremony
* Delicious local and vegetarian food
* Sharing circles
* Silence, relaxation & co-creation