Roaring Soul

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“Within each of us there is a roaring.”

(Oriah Mountain Dreamer)

ROARING SOUL (in Nederlands)

In ieder van ons leeft er een oerklank die gehoord wil worden. Een lied dat gezongen wil worden. Een adem die genomen wil worden. Een waarheid die uitgedrukt wil worden. Een beweging die gemaakt wil worden. Een liefde die gedeeld wil worden. Dit is onze brullende ziel. Misschien fluistert ze haar verhalen in je oren, of misschien is ze luid, scherp en duidelijk. Hoor je het geronk van je ziel? En durf je te luisteren?

In deze huidige tijd, waarin materialisatie en de uiterlijke wereld domineren, leren we als vrouw al snel af om te vertrouwen op ons innerlijk weten.. In Roaring Soul ligt de focus op het terugvinden van die innerlijke roep – in verbinding met de oerstem van de aarde. Caroline S’Jegers zal je begeleiden op een verdiepende exploratiereis door middel van dans, embodiment, improvisatie, poëzie en muziek. Door bewust contact te maken met de diepe vrouwelijke oerkreet in jezelf, kom je bij je diepste essentie.

ROARING SOUL (in English)

Within each of us, there is a sacred roar that wishes to be listened to. A song asked to be sung. A breath waiting to be taken. A truth longing to be expressed. A movement wishing to be made. A love wanting to be shared. This is our roaring Soul. Maybe it is whispering its stories in your ears, or maybe it is loud and clear . A kicking or a falling down. A crying or laughter. A messiness or a clean new slate. Can you hear your Soul’s roar? And do you dare to listen?

Many of us grew up with the idea: “Just be normal and you are already crazy enough.” We try to do our best to be just like anyBODY else. To conform to the rules (even when they makes us unhappy). We follow what we should do, or think we should be. In order to be loved more, or earn more, or receive more. We forget about our dreams or we make ourselves small. We think we are worth nothing. Or we pretend nothing can hurt us. We shake off our vulnerable self, and close down our hearts. We have created so many ways of coping with our day-to-day life that is not serving us any longer. It is what makes us sick. We burn out. We burn in. We lose contact with our deep essence and with our divine life force. Until.. we fall down onto our knees. And realise: something needs to change.

This is the exact moment chance is knocking at our door. We start reaching out, diving in, and listening to our Soul. To what really wants to be heard. To what we have known all along. To who we really are. And we start connecting to a larger field, to the mystery called Life. We wake up from the ilussionary world, and start seeing the world around you with new eyes. We start listening to the roar inside of us, and every single cell starts celebrating. We make the deliberate choice to return to the love of what we have been all along.

Now I am asking you: How are you making yourself be heard, loved or seen? Do you scream when you want to share your truth, or do you attack yourself or another? Are you scared of sharing your full potential – your beauty and power, or do you feel ashamed to show others who you truly are? Perhaps you don’t appreciate yourself and hold yourself back from fully following your own desires (and believe me, we all do that!)? If you responded “YES” to any of these questions, then this workshop is something for you!

Roaring Soul invites you to get into contact with the sacred roaring that is living inside of you. On the dance floor, we get into contact with our deepest truth. We create time and space to dive deep inside, and to listen to what is wanting to be expressed and manifested. The dance floor provides us with a safe support where we can explore something exciting. Something daring. Something magical or mysterious. On the dance floor, we are given the opportunity to step out of our day-to-day life, and to try out new ways of responding, of moving, of (re)acting. The dance floor is a reflection of our life. We grow, we share, we grawl, we roar and we express. We dance our Souls back into being. And we get to embody who we truly are.

Oriah Mountain Dreamer says: “May we each find our way of living and loving the roaring inside us, the aspect of self that cries out in anguish and in ecstasy, and sometimes just for the joy of roaring!”