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21st-23rd SEPTEMBER 2018

Soul Motion workshop with

* Soul Motion * 5 Rhythms * Spiritweaves

 in Antwerp, Belgium.

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A Conversation with Michael Molin-Skelton from onedancetribe on Vimeo.


About the workshop ROOM FOR YOU:

“room for you”

“Honor the space between no longer and not yet”. – Nancy Lewis

Whenever you and i are willing to take a stand, we create room within ourselves to be ourselves – to no longer deny our own flowering. To allow room to bloom.

Whenever you and i are willing to take a stand, we create room within ourselves to be with another – to risk seeing and being seen in communion. To allow room for our vulnerability.

Whenever you and i are willing to take a stand we create room within ourselves to grow our roots into community – to pursue our path and purpose. To allow room for our belonging.

In this workshop, using the platforms of Soul Motion, we will invest in and investigate ways to fully inhabit our own bodies. With our feet we will tend the soil to create fertile ground on which to risk, grow, fall and rise.

We will dance alone, together, fiercely recognizing – that there is always room for you.


About Michael Molin-Skelton:

Michael Molin-Skelton is a senior faculty member of the Soul Motion School and a certified 5Rhythms teacher. He listens to prayers in the wind and hears music, looks into the window “pains” of the heart and feels rhythm, touches the world through movement and knows spirit. He invites you to collaborate as we co-create this journey together. michael reaches through dance rather than teaches to dance. He has been dancing since being pushed through the birth canal. after receiving a bachelor of fine arts degree from ucla he performed and choreographed in companies both nationally and internationally for 15 years. He met Gabrielle Roth early in 1994. Later that year, at the request of Gabrielle, he began teaching the 5rhythms. michael got his 5rhythms certification in 1998 and teacher certification in soul motion in 2001. He has been a 16 year student of continuum montage with susan harper and his teaching of the 5rhythms and soul motion has been greatly influenced by her mentoring. He is a certified esalen massage practitioner since 1995 and is passionate about the art of touch. michael met anneli …….. and the world stopped. he is incurably and hopelessly in love and that constant smile on his face is the result of a heart that has been touched by an angel lightly draped in human skin. in october of 2011 they were blessed with the ultimate miracle; his name is jaylan kyan and he is the physical expression of their living love. michael hates talking about himself in the third person and hopes to see you in person somewhere within the dance. More about Michael and his workshops throughout the world:

About Soul Motion:

“Soul Motion™ is a conscious dance practice designed by Vinn Arjuna Martí offering a leadership path both on and off the dancefloor. Using guided movement inquiries, teachings, and periods of open dance passages students discover their creative artistry by way of dance relationships, and cultivation of the still point in the moving center.” (Vinn Arjuna Martin)

a few things michael holds sacred: “the love of his life anneli, the miracle they named jaylan, friends that cherish and challenge him, dancing alone, dancing with you, love.”


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Friday 21st September: 19h30-22h
Saturday 22nd September: 11-18h
Sunday 23th September: 10-17h

Venue: Koninklijk Atheneum Deurne, Jan Brochovenstraat, 2100 Antwerpen

220 euro for the entire weekend
Early Bird Price: 180 euro – if you register before 20th July 2018

Friday evening only: 25 euro
/ Friday Early Bird: 20 euro – if you register before 20th July 2018

Social and low income price on request!

This workshop is entirely in English! Translation to Dutch if needed.

What to bring:
Lunch and drinks, pen and paper, easy clothing

Subscription and payment:
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BE91 7350 4058 3976 – Caroline S’Jegers – Dieseghemlei 51 – 2640 Mortsel.


Personal testimony:

In March 2011 (exactly 6 years ago), I walked into a dance class of Michael Molin-Skelton in Los Angeles for the first time. And I could hardly believe my eyes: about 200 bodies were moving through the space with such a sense of ease and magic.. It touched me deeply and made me feel right at home.

Ever since, I have been practicing with Michael – experiencing my full self on the dance floor and learning to trust the dance in all of her different flavors. Michael knows how to hold the space like an old mystic or shaman. He speaks the language of the dance. He gives the medecine of movement. He translates dance in poetry, words, silence, pauses and music. He creates safe spaces between the dancers and finds way to share what is needed. In our own dance. In communion. In community. And in the higher realm of life.

Michael Molin-Skelton is a master dance teacher of Soul Motion (a conscious dance practice created by Vinn Marti) and a Five Rhythms graduate. He created his own dance form, together with his wife Anneli, under the name of ‘spiritweaves’. Michael does not simply ‘teach’ – he ‘breathes’ dance into every cell of his body – and thus fills the entire space with a fulfilling and deep trust of “what is”. Michael now lives with his family in the woods in Oregon and travels the world as an international teacher.

“Michael knows how to reach that magical place.” (Ruben)

Looking forward seeing you on the dance floor!




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Cancellation policy:
* Cancellations until 10th September: full reimbursement (minus 25 euro cancellation fee)
* Cancellations after 10th September: no reimbursement