ROOTS ❀ Dance

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ROOTS ❀ Dance
“There’s a community already existing underground
that’s growing us into being…”
(Mark Nepo)

A gentle dance to connect to our bodies. To root ourselves deeply into the earth. To share with others in sheer presence. And to share gratitude through movement, music and poetry.

During ROOTS, we connect with what moves us from within. We create a brave space for everyone through music, movement and rituals. Welcome!

ROOTS is being guided by Caroline S’Jegers, founder of ‘ícaro events * roots to create’, and passionate artist & ceremony leader. Her sounds and words can be summarized in three words: touching, deep and soulful. She roots herself in ritual, uses music as poetry and listens to the spaces between the silences:

“On the dance floor – just as in life – the mystery unfolds…”


Sunday 20th August – Soulpath – followed by INCANTATION (Belgium)

Saturday 26th August at Heart Festival, Somerset (UK)

* more info will follow soon

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