SPARK (The Sensual Feminine)

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I am an sensual woman. It is the essence of who I am.

For many decades, my power has been seen as weak. Or scary.

For many life times, my strength has been seen as an agressor. As something that needed to be ‘domesticated’ or put to sleep.

But the wild woman is always present.

It is just a matter of taking ownership of it.

Regularly, men and women come up to me to thank me for the energy I bring into a room. Some of them share their longing for being in their own sensuality as well. The dance floor provides me with a space where I have learned to feel safe enough to fully enter my own power – through embodiment, which can be pretty wild at times. At other times, it can be very soft, sweet and vulnerable. Oh, I have cried so many times on a dance floor!

This week, I went to the forest. One of the only places in the North of Belgium where you can actually hear *silence* (read: no human-made noises). I stretched myself out on the grass and allowed the sun to caress my skin with her warm rays. I felt like any woman would feel when she is enjoying herself: yammie and sweet. Deeply rooted and connected to the nature around me. And all juiced up. I took a pen and started writing:

What if HSP does NOT mean High Sensitive Person but High Sensual Person?

And what if the essence of the feminine is her power, not her weakness?

I received one answer: SPARK!

What does SPARK mean?


I asked for more clarification, and received these messages:

Sensitive = senses
The essence of the feminine is soft and sensitive. The feminine knows before the action takes places, she feels before emotions are being shared, and senses before changes happen. The feminine is ultra-intuitive and has a deep connection to the power of the heart. Sensitivity is as easy for the feminine as action is for the masculine. Brought together, situations can be dealt with in a harmonious manner. The feminine accepts and allows what is beneficial for the higher good. She reacts towards injustices by bringing herself as close to the situation as she can, and protects what needs protection. The feminine witnesses and lives according to a very simple truth: vulnerability is powerful. And power is accepting this wisdom, and putting it into action.

Presence = present
The feminine is right here, right now. She enwraps what is actual and does not try to change things with force. She gently takes pauses as she goes along and witnesses the changes amongst her unfolding. She has patience yet perseverance. She does not give up easily but chooses her battles wisely. She knows when to go and when to stay. She sits in the midst of the fire if she has to. And she protects the weak, the vulnerable and the lost. She gently listens to the wisdom of the nature surrounding her and knows she is a part of this. She lives according to the wisdom: my presence is a present in the present.

Attentive / Amiable / Alive
Who does not like the gentle yet clear touch of the feminine? She is loved, loving and lovable. She knows love is only connected to acceptance of who she is – entirely. It is a giving up and letting go. It is a deep surrender, release and satisfaction. The feminine prays in order to connect. She dies in order to be born again. She asks in order to be given. The feminine dives in order to find. The temple is where she can recharge her energy. Her body, her womb, the darkness of her depth and the strength of her love are her dedication to spirit, to her guides and to her beauty. Here, she finds herself home again. Here, she truly receives the gifts of Life.

Relaxed / Roaring
She roars and screams, yet deep inside, she is as calm as the seabed. Nothing can truly affect her, as love is who she is. Whatever hurts, breaks or opens her, the inside knowing of her truth offers her healing. And for that, she connects herself to sisters and the mother energy. The feminine is unbreakable and rises with every gentle touch. Do not try to tear her down, because you need her. In order to find peace in your heart, and rest in your mind and body. Your Soul longs to be connected to her waters. Let go and follow the flow. Let her bring you exactly where you need to be.

With every smile and laughter, her loving-kindness will be shown to you. The feminine plays in order to reconnect to her inner child. She sings in order to give expression to her inner voices. She dances in order to give expression to her inner movement. She cries in order to give expression to her inner feelings. The feminine desires to be treated with dignity and respect. In her eyes, the divinity of each Soul is being reflected. In her voice, the love for her ancestors is being shared. In her words, the truth can be revealed. This is the power of the feminine. It is here to guide you – are you willing to accept?

Well, I ask you, are you?

Are you willing to accept the power of the feminine?

It is time to SPARK!