The song of the wind

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While the wind becomes the passenger of creation and healing, take your stand – and present yourself as the messenger of light and dreams. You need to wait no more. Finally, you can explore what is here and now. Now-here. Nowhere is leading you to the source of what has already shown itself to you.

Scream out your name of conquest, as all that wanted to dominate, will now surrender to the bliss of loving-kindness. A new word will be whispered in your ears, as you will blow out the candle of sorrow and pain. Go through, go into, delve inside, show no mercy. Now-here. Nowhere is leading you into your love palace.

You have come to this earth to spread the word. To spread the songs of beauty, and to enlighten others with bliss and purity. You know, you feel, you are what you know you feel. Let the beauty flow through you, and share your songs with others. Dance gives you this power. Dance is your strength. Trust your song.

– Inspired writing and photography by Caroline S’Jegers