Waking Woman Celebration * Mirabai Ceiba

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In the heart of the Regional Natural Park of the Provençal Baronnies, Les Damias / France
Embracing the gift of Life

This is an invitation to spend six days in the beautiful mountains of the south of France, to join a circle of women of all ages and all places, to share song, dance, poetry, stories, yoga, meditation, massage, hikes, rites of passage, sweat lodge, and much more, with the purpose to explore with each other, this incredible adventure of being a woman, and what that means in relationship to our selves, our families, our society of this time and to Mother Earth.

We listen to the voices of other women and we honor each one as a mirror, where we reflect ourselves and grow from our experiences together.

Our body is a temple, it creates life, and it is through which our soul can thrive. We support each other in this recognition, and how we can best support and love it.

This is an invitation for women of all ages, with a special emphasis on creating a space for young women, with the purpose of accompanying them in their transition from childhood into the period of fertility. To recuperate, remember, and together create rituals for this passage from adolescence to womanhood, to plant health, trust, self love and respect during a developmental stage of much receptivity, recognizing the immense value of menstruating and being conscious of the great potential of a body that has come to experiment the great rejoice of being a woman.

“We are the mirror, as well as the face in it,
We are tasting the taste, this minute of eternity,
We are the pain, and what cures the pain, both,
We are the cold sweet water, and the jar that pours”

This retreat is being organized by Mirabai Ceiba. Together with Carrie Tree, we will be supporting this retreat.

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