“If there is enough of a sense of adventure in my own writing,

then I do not need to plunge into the outdoors seeking the feeling of adventure. And so, I must turn the page.

I must find my adventure within my own creative consciousness.”


– Julia Cameron


The usage of words is very powerful. Words have the potency to (re)create and shape the world in and around us. They are one of the primary and creative ways of giving form to our imagination, reality and interpretations. Most words come and go, and some can stay for a lifetime. They don’t ask for much, except for miracles. They like to be written down, played with, listened to and spoken out loud. Some words can be destructive, while others have the mysterious gift to create, and to go beyond and expand..

For me, writing is like dancing with letters. As they gently and consciously place themselves in a specific sequence, a beautiful choreography arises. Every letter counts. If I would change one small detail, another dance would be performed. Another sentence would be created. Every chosen sequence of sentences induces different meanings to the eyes that read them. The dance of letters can answer or simply raise more questions.

On the next pages, I share with you writings that emerge from my heart, as I give a voice to its raw, pure, honest, ugly, intense and authentic parts. And thus, letting my entire being flow and bleed onto the pages. At times, words find me in the night or in the middle of a store – questing me to be written down immediately. At other times, I catch myself sitting in front of an empty page for hours – waiting for inspiration to come and take me on a journey of words.

I am always looking for new media to write for. I openly invite you to contact me when you are being touched, attracted, blown away or curious by these adventurous words.

May we (continue to) share our joy and gifts with the wor(l)d.


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