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Hello dear one,

In sheer delight, introducing you to:

✫ ícaro's inner circle ✫


an online platform for dance, poetry & music lovers. You will receive a new ícaro poem song recording on a monthly basis, plus an invitation to join our online gatherings. Through sharings, writings, poetry in motion & ecstatic dances, we will co-create brave & safe spaces to dive deep within and be taken on a journey of truthful listening.


“So allow for your expression to pour out“


Thank you for your support - and looking forward to seeing you in our virtual circles, or on the dance floor of Life! And please, feel free to reach out to me - I would love to hear from you...


Together, we can weave a new tapestry of community...

PS: My first poem song is online for all of you to listen to (feat. musician Maite La Muse):

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