Poetry in Motion

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(Photo by Til Roose)

“Very beautiful how the poems, again and again, enter my being. They touch me deeply, make me move from within… and reverbrate in every cell. (Emma)

Poetry in Motion is a blend between spoken word and silent intimacy. Through poetry, Caroline S’Jegers creates fine soundscapes of sensory motion. Bringing you insights, smiles, tears, laughter and deeper meaning, her voice takes you on a journey where your mind relaxes, your body starts moving and your heart blossoms. Supported by gentle background music, you are invited to travel through sounds and silences – while meeting what wants to be envisioned along the way. Feel free to sit, lie, sleep.. and dance. Soft or wild. Inward or outward. All or no-thing. And all the layers in between. Welcome for this most subtle concert!

* Almost all poems shared will be in English.

* Caroline S’Jegers, founder of “ícaro events * roots to create”, is a passionate music and movement whisperer. Rooted in ritual, Caroline experiences music as poetry and listens to the spaces in between the silences: “Music moves and shapes me. On the dance floor – just like in life – the mystery unfolds…” | www.carolinesjegers.com

(Photo by Til Roose)