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Caroline S’Jegers, founder of 'ícaro * roots to create' and co-founder of Heart of the Dance, is a passionate advocate of the transformative power of dance. Her soundscapes and poems can be described as: touching, deep and soulful. She roots herself in ritual, uses poetry as music and listens to the spaces between the words:


"In every dance - as in life - the mystery unfolds."

And from here, she invites us to listen...


Caroline describes hersef as a "dance keeper" because for her, the dance is a space where we can all dive back into what truly matters. As one of the first female Ecstatic DJ's in Europe and beyond, Caroline has received an established place in the conscious dance and music scene. For over 14 years now, she has been working as a dance entrepreneur and organizer - supporting people from a diversity of backgrounds (from evolutionary agents to dancing hippies to street children, prostitutes and war sufferers) through movement and presence.


As a poetess in motion, Caroline loves to weave poetry through her musical sets, taking people on an alchemical journey - connected to what is alive in the space and in the moment. Through her ‘Poetry in Motion’, she weaves in silences and spoken word - sometimes even inviting us to hum, dance or sing along.


* Skin to earth. Breath of life. Roots of joy. * 


As a birth keeper and a mother of two sons, Caroline was initiated into free births. She lived for seven years on a permaculture community, together with her husband Josse Horsten (who works as a food forest designer and temazcalero). And are currently in the co-creation of a new co-living project. Bringing dance back to the land, Caroline holds a clear vision in which community life flourishes and respect for Mother Earth deepens...

"So may we remember - again and again
Who we are and where we come from
Sense, listen, give voice

To the one within who truly knows

- Caroline S'Jegers

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As a psychologist (BA) and a cultural anthropologist (MSc), Caroline has absorbed herself for many years in the deeper-lying healing aspects of dance across cultures. Almost 10 years ago, she co-founded Ecstatic Dance Belgium - running weekly dances in 4 different Belgian cities with 4 colleagues. She also co-created events with many wonderful artists (such as Carrie Tree, Mirabai Ceiba, Rising Appalachia, The Human Experience, Ayla Nereo, Ayla Schafer, Susie Ro, Danit, Nessi Gomes and many more). In the past, she used to work as a freelance (travel) writer and photographer for mindful magazines. By interweaving Theatre of Freedom and constellation work into her art, Caroline feels inspired to bring social awareness around global issues.


Together with Tom Goldhand and Léon Beckx, Caroline supports the constant growing Ecstatic and Conscious Dance communities - and this through their organization of Heart of the Dance. In their trainings and retreats, located mainly in and around Amsterdam (The Netherlands), they co-create opportunities for diving deeper into our listening bodies, our practical skills plus our intuitive knowledge.

Caroline's Work

"Caroline creates poem prayers through sound and dance. All seasons and all elements are being touched by the tunes of her voice and music. Heart opening and soul singing."

“I have rarely met a person with such joyful and openhearted presence as I experienced Caroline. I appreciate her aliveness and authenticity. Experience her in dance, word or picture and you will find yourself with a big smile inside.”

Caroline is a beautiful story teller. She takes you on a magical journey, where emotions and strong feelings can be felt in her musical selection. Her sweet voice brings soft words of healing, wisdom and transformational power. She creates a safe place where grief becomes joy, where pain becomes laughter, where nervousness becomes stillness. It touches my soul deeply.

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