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✫ roots circle ✫

Online Dance Gatherings

“We have come to gather
In circle - open and wide

We have come to move
From a place of utter presence

We have come to sink deeper
Into what longs to be expressed”

(Caroline S’Jegers)

With a mission to bring bring dance back to the land,

Caroline S'Jegers invites you to come together 

& dive into music, dance & spoken words!

During the monthly online "Roots Circle", we will have a chance to take some time for ourselves, and to connect to ourselves, the others, the earth we live on, and all that is alive in us...


For the first half an hour, we take time to connect with one another. Maybe there's a poem that you wish to share, or a song that you would like to sing? You are very welcome, exactly as you are. And from this place, poetess in motion Caroline S'Jegers will guide you on a musical journey where your mind relaxes, your body starts moving and your heart blossoms...


"Your place in the circle
Is inside of you and me

My place in the circle
Lives in true belonging

Our place in the circle
Has the capacity to flourish"

(Caroline S'Jegers)

Together, we can weave a new tapestry of community.



* Monday 22nd April 2024
* Wednesday 22nd May 2024
* Thursday 20th June 2024
* Monday 22nd July 2024
* Thursday 22nd August 2024
* Monday 23rd September 2024
* Monday 21st October 2024
* Thursday 21st November 2024
* Monday 23rd December 2024


19h30-21h CET Brussels/Amsterdam time
Every session can be joined seperately!


Online (Zoom)

You will receive the link just after registration...


10 euro/each session

Through bank transfer or PayPal






When you sign up for the Inner Circle (which is only 5 euro monthly), then you can also join us online, PLUS: receive monthly recordings of a new ícaro poem, listen back to the recordings of our online dancing journey and be a part of our Telegram group. For more info on the Inner Circle click here...




1. We use Zoom for our online event. Using zoom through your computer will give better sound than via your smartphone (make sure to download the zoom app!) If possible, connect your computer or phone to an external sound system.

2. In order to guarantee a safe space for every participant, we ask not to take pictures or to shazam (when you sign up for the Inner Circle, you will be able to receive a link to the recordings afterwards).

3. Accommodate your home for movement.

4. Wear comfortable clothes and serve yourself water or tea.

5. Your presence is a present, so we ask of you to show up in time and to stay until the end (if you can).

6. On Zoom, you have the choice to have your camera on or off. You are very welcome to choose what feels right for you.

7. You can use the chat to ask us questions (for instance concerning technical support).

8. We encourage everyone to write down our name and location below to your video by clicking the three dots.

9. Before our dancing journey, you will be given the option to unmute yourself and share about your experience with the group.We look forward seeing and connecting to you - through the virtual platform in your own home!


"Is it true that you - and all of us
Came through the same gateway
With a grand heartfelt wish

To share ourselves
To be our full selves
In service of the whole"

- Caroline S'Jegers

As a DJ and dancer, Caroline experiences listening as an art form. Listening requires presence and practice. Silence and connection. Listening can only be experienced through the body, while staying connected to our inner voices of wisdom as well as to our surroundings. Listening asks of us to fully inhabit our body and thus: to tend to its needs. The body speaks a language of its own, its messages are instinctive and connected to the senses. The body re-members: it shelters and stores experiences, in relation to the wild soul. At the heart of listening lies (the art of) listening to the wisdom of our soul – which happens only through the experience of embodied presence:

Sometimes words simply cannot describe the experiences that I get to witness... When we connect to our authentic expression, truly all of us is welcomed. And our hearts gently open up like a flower being kissed by the sun. In times of huge chaos and despair, it also feels like one of the most essential things: to sink back into our rooted connection to the earth, to reconnect to our inner spark of creativity, and to sense the inspirational flow of spirit."

May we sense and feel how we as humans are all part of the intricate web of life. With a deep bow to our vulnerable sharings and writings. To the rawness and croockedness. To the essence and simplicity. And to all the parts within that are longing to be expressed. Including the golden gifts that lie underneath.

Be a reflection of this.

Reflect, and shine...


"Zo dankbaar voor de prachtige krachtige dans! Magic, just magic...Van hart tot hart..." (Katrien)

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