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Become part of a new online community:


"Caroline is a woman of wisdom! She brings such light and beauty to this world. I adore witnessing

her creative essence flowing in her dance, poetry and life. Thank you for your inspiration!" (Ingrid)

✫ ícaro's inner circle ✫

The Inner Circle is an online platform for dance, poetry & music lovers. You will receive a new ícaro poem song recording on a monthly basis, plus an invitation to join our online gatherings. Through sharings, writings, podcasts, poetry in motion & ecstatic dances, we will co-create brave & safe spaces to dive deep within and be taken on a journey of truthful listening.


So we can support each other - and be supported - on this deepening journey into what truly matters...

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✫ What is the inner circle? ✫


Together, we can weave a new tapestry of community:

Connect with music, dance & poetry lovers - just like you, and thus with kindred spirits

Become part of our growing online community (via private website link, WhatsApp & Telegram), where you can receive the musical links & inspiration, plus share with one another

Receive a new & monthly recording of a poem song by Caroline S'Jegers - often in co-creation with amazing (he)artists

Listen back to musical & poetic mixes, especially created for The Inner Circle Gatherings => so let's dance! :))

Join our monthly online gatherings which will last 1,5 hours - including creative sharings,  plus 'Poetry in Motion' & Ecstatic Dance movement journeys...

Share your own writings with the group and get musical recommendations to create your own playlists

Surprise yourself, and let yourself be surprised - as Caroline will also be sharing movement exercises, podcast interviews and ecstatic dance sets to deepen our daily practices in connection to our artistic expression

Support & inspire each other - on this heartfelt journey into what truly matters...


Listen to my first poem song,

"Break Me", feat. Maite La Muse:

"Break Me" is available for everyone to stream...

When you become a part of ÍCARO INNER CIRCLE, you will receive new recordings monthly - only shared with and created for the Inner Circle.

✫ how to join the inner circle? ✫


Join ÍCARO INNER CIRCLE for 5€/month


Simply follow these three steps:

1. Click the button above and make an automated monthly donation of 5 euros.

(Please select "offline payments" if you wish to pay through bank transfer or in cash...)

2. After this first payment, you will immediately receive a link to a private page on my website with all further info to join the Inner Circle. • You can end your registration whenever you feel like it (simply end your monthly payments and leave the groups).

3. Thank you so much for supporting my art, and for going on this adventure, alongside of me and kindred spirits. & Please reach out if you have any questions!

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✫ A few often asked questions... ✫

When are we meeting?

Our online meetings in 2024 (20-21h30 CET) will happen on: 22nd January, 22nd February, 21st March, 22nd April, 22nd May, 20th June, 22nd July, 22nd August, 23rd September, 21st October, 21st November & 23rd December 2024.

I am not a writer, but I love to be creative - will I also be inspired by joining the Inner Circle?

Yes of course! Any kind of authentic musings are welcomed in the Inner Circle. Just as a forest is at its most healthiest when biodiverse systems are being preserved, so can the diversity of our human creativity spark others and co-create spaces of inclusion and inspiration. You also get to decide how involved you are in our online meetings.

What is the aim of the Inner Circle?

For me personally, the Inner Circle means a commitment to share my creative jewels with others on a monthly basis. After playing an Ecstatic Dance set, I often get the question: "Where can I listen to your sets or poetry again? I'd love to stay updated!"... And well, here it is! A platform where we can dive deeper together. And where you can also support my art! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any more questions! I'd love to hear from you... Thank you so much!

✫ Welcome to the INNER CIRCLE,just as you are.To share, receive, explore, listen, dive in,and reflect your own authentic beauty.Skin to earth.Breath of life.Roots of joy.A deep dive into the wonders of life! ✫

With a deep bow to the many people who have been important pilars of support on this bumpy and beautiful artistic journey, such as: my husband Josse, my mother Rita, my sister Sara, my two sons Hazel & Thuja, Uria Tsur (for his permissing to start another Inner Circle), Kim Rosen (for reminding me of the healing powers of words), Anneli & Michael Molin-Skelton (for weaving the magic of poetry and dance), my dear sister musician friends (such as Maite La Muse, Susie Ro, Angelika Baumbach & Carrie Tree), inspiring dance teachers (such as Vinn Martí, Thea Spanjers & Mati Engwerda), all my beautiful sisters and brothers, every dancer on every dance floor I have ever encountered (and will encounter) - and thus: to all my relations.

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