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Threshold Ceremonies

A 'threshold' is a doorway through which we enter the unknown.

When we're about to start something new, we cross a threshold.

A threshold takes us from one place to another.


In tribal cultures, important transitional moments in life were celebrated. In our current individualized society we have lost many of these ceremonies. However, the deep need to celebrate, mourn and empower still lives within each of us...


From a clear intention to bring ceremonies back into our daily lives, Caroline S'Jegers offers in-depth personal and group sessions around important transition moments in our lives. 'THRESHOLD' ceremonies & workshops weave dance, spoken word and music into one whole - and will be fully tailored to our personal and community needs. A moment of stillness. A deepening in our breathing. An affirmation of our deeper knowledge. A festive gathering. A moment to simply connect. An ode to togetherness, to love, grief and celebration - and to the cycles of life.


"Is it true that you - and all of us
Came through the same gateway
With a grand heartfelt wish

To share ourselves
To be our full selves
In service of the whole"

- Caroline S'Jegers

As a DJ and dancer, Caroline experiences listening as an art form. Listening requires presence and practice. Silence and connection. Listening can only be experienced through the body, while staying connected to our inner voices of wisdom as well as to our surroundings. Listening asks of us to fully inhabit our body and thus: to tend to its needs. The body speaks a language of its own, its messages are instinctive and connected to the senses. The body re-members: it shelters and stores experiences, in relation to the wild soul. At the heart of listening lies (the art of) listening to the wisdom of our soul – which happens only through the experience of embodied presence:

Sometimes words simply cannot describe the experiences that I get to witness... When we connect to our authentic expression, truly all of us is welcomed. And our hearts gently open up like a flower being kissed by the sun. In times of huge chaos and despair, it also feels like one of the most essential things: to sink back into our rooted connection to the earth, to reconnect to our inner spark of creativity, and to sense the inspirational flow of spirit."

May we sense and feel how we as humans are all part of the intricate web of life. With a deep bow to our vulnerable sharings and writings. To the rawness and croockedness. To the essence and simplicity. And to all the parts within that are longing to be expressed. Including the golden gifts that lie underneath.

"Be a reflection of this. Reflect, and shine."


"I call back home, lost pieces of my essence, I call back my lost pieces, into peace... Het was magisch!" (Hanne)

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