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Roots to Roots :: Sessions

“Deeply planted,

Our branches reach for the sky”

(Caroline S'Jegers)

In moments of change, we might sometimes feel lost or alone. Dealing with loss, moving to a new home, finding ourselves in the midst of conflict or even great happiness are often moments that ask for integration and initiation. One of the ways to receive support from what surrounds and grounds us, is by simply going out in nature - and asking for guidance... And it is exactly here where I wish to meet you during the Roots to Roots Sessions. Outside. In nature. Connected to all that moves within.

No prior knowledge of any form of therapeutic or systemic work is required. It is already a part of you.


"Believe Her, for she is here to weave dreams into reality... Thank you, dear Caroline, for guiding us to our essence, to the reason we are here." (Hanna)

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