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❧ creative roots to move the soul ❧

WELCOME, Sweet One ♥

I celebrate your visit! Please, sit down, make yourself comfortable, and take a deep breath.

Your Soul has sent you here out of curiosity. I appreciate your courage! If you have come to create, smile, inspire and simply be. *Sigh* To just be. GREAT!

Now that you have arrived, you might want to get started by discovering Ecstatic Dance, SPARK and Soul Journeys, or by reading my blog!

Remember – you are here to relax!!  ♥


Edgar Spieker (Soul Motion™ and Nia™ teacher; from Hamburg, Germany):

“I have rarely met a person with such joyful and openhearted presence as I experienced Caroline. I appreciate her aliveness and authenticity. Experience her in dance, word or picture and you will find yourself with a big smile inside.”

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"At times, I become a bird, or larger than the ocean. I can hold you here and now, as you are sitting and breathing my story through your pencil." About Me