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Welcome to ícaro's Inner Circle!

This exclusive platform will monthly be updated with:

links, poetry recordings, podcasts, videos, musical remixes, and much more...


Here's a little late-night welcome video:

Below, you can read the latest messages shared for íc Inner Circle.

And here's a list with all the links for you to enjoy and get connected:

⁠⁠•⁠  Link to the Inner Circle poetry & deep dive recordings:

•⁠  Link to Inner Circle WhatsApp group: where you will receive monthly notifications of new recordings - and of when we will connect for our online gatherings.

•⁠  Link to Inner Circle Telegram Community group: a platform to share, to chat, to ask & answer, and to inspire & support one another on this deepening journey into what truly matters…

✫ Thank you so much for your support in my life- and looking forward to seeing you in our virtual circles,or on the dance floor of Life!And please, feel free to reach out to me- I would love to hear from you!Warmth,Caroline S’Jegers ✫

✫ ícaro's inner circle messages ✫



(with a possibility of small changes)


22nd January, 22nd February, 22nd March, 22nd April, 22nd May, 21st June, 22nd July,

22nd August, 23rd September, 21st October, 21st November & 23rd December 2024


Timings: 19h30-21h CET Amsterdam/Brussels time

Please make sure to check your local time here.



* We will be meeting through Zoom. Your computer will give better sound than via your smartphone (make sure to download the Zoom app in advance!). If possible, connect your computer or phone to an external sound system or to your headphones.
* In order to guarantee a supportive space for every participant, we ask not to take pictures or make videos.
* Accommodate your home for a sharing circle, for a poetry dive and for movement. Find a comfortable place; wear warm and comfortable clothes; and serve yourself water or tea.
* Your presence is a present; so if you can, then please show up in time and stay until the end.
* Since we will be co-creating open spaces to share together in community, it helps to see one another - as this builds connection, and creates a safe and brave space for each of us to simply be ourselves.
* When you have questions (for instance concerning technical support), you can use the chat or you raise a digital hand.
* We will dive deeper into a poetic movement session together - and will start or end our gathering with a sharing and an inquiry. You will be given the option to unmute yourself and share from the heart with the group in case you wish to.
* During our sharing, we can practice to listen with ‘attention’ and speak with ‘intention’. We ask to be responsible with what is being shared by others. If you have anything that you wish to share or ask the group, we will also create space for this: such as, your own writings, a newly written song, a question for group support, … Let us simply co-create open spaces together, so we can support each other - and be supported - on this deepening journey into what truly matters...


Together, we can weave a new tapestry of community.
I am looking forward to connecting soon!


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