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Caroline S'Jegers

ícaro :: roots to create


"Deeply planted,

Our branches reach for the sky."

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"More Than This" feat. Uria Tsur


22 May 2024

Welcome dear one,

What a blessing: we are alive on this beautiful earth. And with all the transformation happening in and around us, it feels of great importance to gather in common unity. To return to the land. To be fierce and forgiven. To give heart. To give voice. And to move and be moved.


For many years, I danced as if my life depended on it. I simply did not have any other tools to work through all the rage, pain and fear that was living inside of me. Dance keeps granting me ever-widening resources of support, and I feel deeply humbled to share it with others...


Together, we can weave a new tapestry of community...

This is an invitation to bend down, and bring our head close to the earth - so we can give give thanks. And so we can listen to her gentle whisperings. May we share our voices in such a way that we can hold space for ourselves and for those who need it. May we use our shared wisdom in service of the whole. And may we never ever forget that we are united as one. What we do to the earth, we also do to ourselves. And thus, may we dance our way through this birthing channel of re-membrance - together as one.

Looking forward to meeting you on this dancing journey called Life! ♥

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Listen here:

You are here, now and present
And even through the eye of the storm
This is what will always be of support:
Love is here to stay

Only love

Birth Keepers of New Earth

The time is now: we are birthing New Earth. We, Caroline & Evelien, feel called to guard and support this major emergence: in women who birth themselves free, through childbirth or creative projects, as well as through listening to what is unfolding in the collective.

More info soon!

The INNER CIRCLE is an ONLINE platform for dance, poetry & music lovers. You will receive a new poem song recording on a monthly basis, plus an invitation to join our online gatherings. Through sharings, writings, poetry in motion, podcat interviews & ecstatic dances, we will co-create brave & safe spaces to dive deep within and be taken on a journey of truthful listening...

More info here:

Heart of the Dance

Supporting the re-awakening of dance - as it grounds us, breaks barriers and builds communities. Together with Tom & Leon, we invite you to join us for our growing online Heart of the Dance academy. We also give trainings in dance facilitation, holding space and DJ'ing (crafting a musical journey). ❀

More info here:

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